Composing A short life story drawing of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal.




Great opportunity to get small water drops into the great ocean the cremation ceremony of Kyabje Dungse Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche in Orgyen Cho Dzong Centre in Greenville New York USA.


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The teenage age of Yeshe Tsogyal ( Victorious Ocean of Wisdom)
Traditional, Realistic and modern style of art with charcoal, pencil, and acrylic colour on watercolour paper 12×17.


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Traditional artwork using with tattoo on human body its really interesting and little fun. So this is little meaning about the drawing.

Yeshe Tsogyal

“Wisdom Ocean” or by her clan name of Lady Kharchen), (757–817CE) was the Mother of Tibetan Buddhism. Her main karmamudrā consort was Padmasambhava, a founder-figure of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.




Tsakli (Initiation cards)

Tsakli (initiation cards)  original creation of paintings from root text, never before drawn or computerized. It has been finished finally. We had printed on canvas and paper if you would like to have those wonderful cards please let me know or contact with this link below.

༄༅་། དཔལ་སྟག་ལུང་པའི་ལྷག་པའི་ལྷ་བཞི་བཅུ་རྩ་གསུམ་གྱི་རྗེས་གནང་གི་རྩཀྐ་ལའི་རིག་འཛིན་གཞོན་ནུའི་དགའ་སྟོན་ཞེས་བྱ་བ་བཞུགས་སོ།།

The Joyful Festival of Youthful Vidyadharas – the illustrations for the permission empowerments of the forty-three sublime deities of the glorious Taklung tradition.

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